Plastic Recycling impact on Environment

Saving Oil

Every one ton of plastic we recycled, we save approximately 3.8 barrels of petroleum.

Reduction of Gas emissions

Through recycling plastic we reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that are produced in the manufacturing of virgin materials.

Saving of Landfill Space:

Through plastic recycling we save the landfill space that is at a premium right now (Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.).

Benefits of Reuse:

Recycled can provide an environmentally friendly source of materials for the manufacture of new products.

Energy saving

For every one ton of plastic that is recycled we save the equivalent of 2 people’s energy use for 1 year.

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We purchase plastic scrap throughout the country

Being one of the largest plastic recycling companies, we at EverGreen Polymer are quite satisfied with having wide recognition in the market, for being quite efficient in offering a dedicated plastic recycling service. Our company aimed to work with both post industrial accounts and post commercial throughout  world marketplace and uses all the required techniques to offer a full service of plastic recycling.

EverGreen Polymer performs the task of purchasing plastic scrap from various plastic companies and individuals, and takes full responsibility of transportation by offering Gaylord boxes and collapsible bins to collect the waste from various locations.

If you are those who are quite concerned about protecting environment, then our service is perfect for you as it helps you by offering the latest technique of recycling plastic scrap instead of using traditional method of throwing such materials in landliff. We will let you know very important methods that you will not be able to find anywhere else. We invite you for making your active participation in recycling, even if you are not able to find any plastic recycling company in your nearby area.

We request you to contact us for selling & Buying plastic scrap and getting good prices. We are highly experienced in making assessment of exact value of your plastic scrap and pay, of course, better prices. We use such materials for recycling, to make it reusable by using the most appropriate and efficient method. Once we complete an entire process of recycling, we sell the recycled materials to those companies who are engaged into a business of manufacturing plastic products, at reasonable rates.

EverGreen Polymer is the most sought after brand in the world of plastic recycling service and approached by the number of plastic companies to get the important service. We, on the other hand, also show our complete enthusiasm in serving them in a better way, no matter the size of the company and volume of plastic scrap it produces. Our service really works and many companies and individual experienced the same after getting a chance to be served by our number of dedicated staff.

Besides, we are also popularized for providing varieties of services aiming to satisfy the needs of various businesses. EverGreen has a clear objective of working with post commercial and post industrial account within the specified area and to make its reach wider to serve more clients. Since, the company has created the most reputed name in plastic recycling, so it boasts of various latest equipment and toll grinding to make the service more effective and efficient. It is also recognized as a leading toll grinding service provider.

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