Methods of Coloring Plastics:

At EverGreen Polymer Company, we believe the mode chosen should be a customer decision — we are dedicated to delivering the quality color you expect in the form you are most comfortable working with.

Master batches (Concentrates):

The most common method used by molders, masterbatches consist of concentrated pigments dispersed into a polymer carrier resin. During molding the masterbatch is let down into natural resin as it is feed into the press at a predefined ratio to achieve the desired color. Masterbatches are the most economical method to color plastics and can be provided in small volumes. Depending on the carrier selected, the same masterbatch may be used to color several different resins, or be chosen for maximum compatibility and processing ease. .

Cube Blends (Salt & Pepper Mixes):

Cube blends are color systems that feature a masterbatch dry blended with natural polymer that are ready to use. This method can be utilized by molders who lack metering equipment at the press. Mixing is carefully controlled by EverGreen Polymer Company eliminating the risks associated with self-blending that can cause variations in color.

Pre-colored Resins:

Processors without experience handling custom color matches often select pre-colored resins for their ease-of-use. Engineering resins that require high masterbatch let down ratios also benefit from pre-coloring because pigments are completely polymerized into a resin package and is used by molders as supplied. The colorists at EverGreen Polymer Company have the knowledge and resources available to guarantee match accuracy and lot-to-lot consistency with pre-colored reins.

Colored Specialty Compounds :

Color enhances and adds value to custom engineered compounds formulated to meet specific physical requirements. When color is required, along with other property enhancing additives, look to EverGreen Polymer Company for the wealth of experience in polymer and additive science necessary to ensure success. Masking the hues of various additives isn’t just a matter of adding more pigment, coloring specialty compounds must be achieved without altering the physical properties the material was designed to provide—an ability the colorists at EverGreen Polymer Company are renowned for.

Custom Colors :

Color in specialty compounds can be for identification purposes or custom matched to a specific target. Color can also provide compounds with a cosmetic quality appearance or an eye catching special effect look.

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