Plastic Recycling Lines:

Plastic Recycling Lines contain washing basins, crushing machine, agglomerator, drying unit, granule extruder and packaging unit.

Waste plastic recycling is recovery process of waste plastics and producing reusable raw material. Recycling of plastic starts by sorting waste material according to their resin types such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PET, PVC etc. Clean plastic waste can be melted and converted into pellets (granules) by using granule extruders.

Before extruding, a size reduction or densifying process might be necessary. This can be done by using crushing machines or agglomeration machines. Contaminated plastic material has to be washed and dried first. For example plastic shopping bags which has been recovered from city waste has to be washed thoroughly before granulated. These shopping bags are made with high density polyethylene (HDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE). Agricultural films such as greenhouse covers (LDPE) also can be recycled.

Recycling plant equipment is subject to change depending on polymer to be recycled.

The environmental benefits of recycling plastic are that it produces less waste and less carbon dioxide. Plastics are being used more and more nowadays. Disposing used plastics by land filling is a serious threat to environment. So recycling is only solution. Recycled plastics can be used for producing trash bags, flower pots, park benches, industrial Pallets and pipes etc. When you are inquiring recycling machinery, please include plastic type, material state (film, lumber, crate, pipe etc.), contamination level (whether you require washing machines or not) and hourly capacity requirements. We look forward to answer your every kind of questions and inquiries regarding to plastic recycling.

Customer’s benefit

 High efficiency at high capacities
 Minimum labour
 Minimum utility consumption
 Modular system concept
 Flexible feedstock selection
 Demand the highest prices of the end product
 Use a large percentage of recycled material in plastic products
 High performance and characteristics of plastic product
made of or containing recycled material

Single Stage Pelletizing Line (Strand Cooling Cutting):

This production line adopt the Europe design with advanced technology. Its mainly used for the crushed, rigid plastic flakes from the bottles, containers, buckets, pipes and so on to produce granules

It can use the vacuum automatic loading system or screw loader machine loading the material into the dosingfeeder hopper. The screw is special designed for the material eating, its very fast to take the material inside and made by 38CrMnAlA material for long time use; The extruder have air vent degassing system to outlet the humidity. We also have the vacuum degassing system for optional choose(Its better for the humidity outlet). The extruder heating by the cast aluminum heater and cooling by blower, its durable use

There is hydraulic screen changer installed on the extruder to filtering out the dirty. Its driven by the hydraulic system very fast and non-stop. Very convenient for the screen change; You can use different mesh screen to producedifferent quality granules

You can use one extruder or two extruder for 2 times filtering. use two extruder will do one more time filtering so the output material will be better quality.

There are 2 different cutting model for choose: haul-off string cutting type, die face(water-ring) cutting system. Withthe die face cutting can produce more beautiful and uniform granules. Also it can save labor and generating lesswaste material

You can choose use the vibrating screen machine to screening out bigger size material and blowing it back into extruderre-granulation.

We can produce the machinery according to your special requirement:

Technology & Feature

Patented force feeding system:

  1. Back side feeding design, capacity 20 % more than old design. The feeding chamber is with powerful plate to pre-compound and force feed the material into extruder very quickly and smoothly.
  2. Auto reverse design.
  3. Automatically quantity control.
  4. Cast steel construction. With water circulating and cooling design.

Control box:

  1. Power saving design. With inverter, energy saving 40 %.
  2. With air condition cooling system.
  3. Temperature controller
  4. SSR.
  5. Standard electric distribution. PLC is optional.
  6. Main control panel separately.

Main extruder:

  1. Single screw design.
  2. Gear box : Profile teeth. With lubrication oil cooling circulating system. transmission axles. High torque. Low noise. Steady working. Long life.
  3. Barrel:Single type with vent.
  4. Special screw designSpecial melting function, the pitch and screw design “double wave ”. Special designed for plastic waste recycling. The inside air and moisture of material can be removed to get impact pellet.

Temperature control system:

  1. Ceramic, cast aluminum and stainless steel heater composed with each other.
  2. Temperature difference within 3 %.


✽ Capacity will be changed due to input material’s feature and contaminants.

✽ Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.


  • Available  for, PE, PA, PC, PS, EPS, ABS.
  • Suitable forBlown film, woven bags, bottles, sheet, lumps, powder …etc.
  • Especially for Injection & Film Grade material.
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